Mobile Banking SOL is a service integrated on mobile phone offered by Shinhan Bank, allowing users to make banking transactions easily and conveniently right on their mobile phone.

How to access


Access  if you use  operating system iOS, version 8.0 or later

Access  if you use  operating system Android version 4.4 or later


Go to Google Play Store/ App Store and find key word “SOL Shinhan Vietnam”


Download and install


Log in SOL by “User ID” and Password

(*) For customer use “M-OTP” security:

+ New customers: Need to register for ‘ M-OTP” on SOL application

+ Existing customers: Need to discard current “M-OTP” and then re-register for “M-OTP”

Service scope


  • Inquiry all accounts: Demand account, term-deposit account, loan account.
  • Deposit management: Manage account password, close term/non term deposit accounts, update maturity instruction, smart saving.
  • Loan management: Interest rate detail, loan limit and interest payment schedule
  • Transaction inquiry: Transfer detail, transfer process detail


  • Domestic transfer: Support transfer to account number/card number of receivers.
    Transfer to account Number:
    • When beneficiary bank is in list for Express Transfer (under “Shinhan bank”), beneficiary can receive money upon completion of transaction.
      Input beneficiary information: choose bank name in drop down list, input account number (customer can check the beneficiary name which will be auto generated by system according to the inputted account number)
    • When beneficiary bank is not in list for Express Transfer (under “Shinhan bank”), transaction will take some time for the beneficiary bank to process.
      Click “Domestic transfer” and input compulsory information as required (beneficiary bank, branch, beneficiary name and account number)
    To Card number:
    • Input 16 numbers of the ATM card/ credit card, beneficiary can receive money upon transaction is finished.
  • Transfer by contact

    Customers can transfer money to a contact number, no need to know the bank account information

    • The sender will input phone number & name of the beneficary
    • SMS with a link from Shinhan system will be sent to phone number of beneficiary person and require them to input the account information (**) (could be Shinhan account or other bank account)

    (**) The inputed name must be the same name with the beneficiary name bank account

  • School banking: support to pay tuition fee for Korean schools
  • Automatic transfer: create standing order on designated date in the future or recurring transfer, support transfer within Shinhan.
  • Overseas transfer: create transfer transaction. Bank staff will check and can request customers to submit supporting documents for transfer purposes.
  • Remittance management: manage frequent-used account, 1-click transfer; reduce transfer limit.
  • Bill payment: support customers to actively pay for electricity, water, Internet, cable, airplane ticket bills , or register Auto Bill Payment for next circle.
  • Top Up: direct Top Up, buy Card code, register/terminate SMS topup
  • Momo E-wallet: register/terminate e-wallet mapping, transfer money to E-wallet


  • Member/Card information
  • Inquiry card transaction
  • Reward: Shinhan point, Shinhan point redemption
  • Card payment: payment in advance by each transaction, payment for statement amount in advance, unpaid amount/statement amount on payment due date
  • Installment registration: applied for transactions from VND3mio.
  • Cash advance: cash advance up to 100% credit limit.
  • Credit card application
  • Report card lost


  • Non-term/ Term-deposit account
  • Loan account: register for Personal Loan, mortgage loan, car loan.

QR code payment service

Introduction: QR code payment is a new service which is integrated into the Mobile Banking SOL application. It enables customers shopping 24/7 by scanning a QR code
Application subject: Individual customers who have registered for Shinhan Internet Banking and installed Mobile Banking SOL application
Applicable location: At counters accepted QR code of VNPAY
Payment limit:

  • Maximum payment limit per transaction: VND 25,000,000
  • Maximum payment limit per day: VND 50,000,000
* Note: Customers can request for change in payment limit at branches/transaction offices of Shinhan Bank
Transaction fee: Free
How to make transactions:
Step 1: Click "QR code payment" at the SOL login screen (or go to the QR payment section on the homepage, after logging into SOL)
Step 2: Scan the QR code at the counters/stores (logging into SOL is required to display payment information)
Step 3: Set up QR PIN (6 digits) for authentication of QR payment transactions
Step 4: Enter the discount code (if any)
Step 5: Select the withdraw account (if any) and confirm payment information
Step 6: Enter QR PIN or biometric authentication to complete the transaction
*Note: Maximum incorrect code entries: 3 times

For QR code payment guideline, please see here.

Customer center

  • Branch/ATM information
  • User guide
  • Customer’s queries
  • Terms & conditions

Account balance inquiries


Customize the interface at customers’ usage demand (*)

Secure login with pattern/ fingerprint/iris or password identification.

Add function of money transfer to phone numbers and integrate all transfer functions in one screen.

(*) Self-customize menus on main screen:

Choose the frequently used accounts to be shown on main screen (up to 10 accounts)

Choose the frequently used functions/services on main screen (up to 7 tabs)

Free monthly management and maintenance fee

Discount of 50% transfer fee compared to making transaction at counter

Incentive of +0.8% for online saving deposits

Easy transaction 24/7 anytime and anywhere


Login method

Confirm Samsung Pass iris, confirm Samsung Pass fingerprint, confirm fingerprint, pattern, password.


Issue/re-issue M-OTP, discard M-OTP, manage M-OTP (change PIN M-OTP, reset M-OTP), M-OTP PC authentication (get M-OTP code when making transaction on PC)

OTP time adjustment

This should be done when time in customer’s OTP is different from system’s time

Security set up

Set up security image, identity confirmation and answer security questions

Fraud warning

Notices about the fraud cases and hacker threats

Report security device lost

Report to make sure other people cannot execute any transactions from customers’ account


Please refer to here