Mobile Banking SOL is Shinhan Bank's mobile banking application, allowing users to conduct financial transactions safety, quickly and conveniently right on their mobile phone. Strong features of Mobile Banking SOL include:

  • Multiple layers of security

  • Application of various authentication methods: OTP, M-OTP, Advance-OTP (A-OTP)

Outstanding incentives

SOLution for customers’

financial demands

Safe transactions with layers of security.

No monthly maintenance fee and management fee.

Free of update and adjustment of customer’s information free security card issuance.

Interface personalization.

Log in


Access  if you use  operating system iOS, version 8.0 or later

Access  if you use  operating system Android version 4.4 or later


Go to Google Play Store/ App Store and find key word “SOL Shinhan Vietnam”


Download and install


Log in SOL by “User ID” and Password

(*) For customer use “M-OTP” security:

+ New customers: Need to register for ‘ M-OTP” on SOL application

+ Existing customers: Need to discard current “M-OTP” and then re-register for “M-OTP”

More information

SOL General information: Click here.

SOL Guideline: Click here.

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