Are you worried about unstable interest rates or complicated loan procedures?Start a new chapter in your life with a new home via Shinhan Bank's home loan. We provide the following interest rate options (*):

Option 1

8.3% p.a

for first fixed 06 months and 9.7% p.a for 54 months remaining

Option 2

8.5% p.a

fixed in 12 months

Option 3

9.3% p.a

fixed in 24 months

Option 4

9.5% p.a

fixed in 36 months

(*) Terms and conditions applied.

Special Promotion: 7.5%/p.a for first fixed 06 months and 9.75% p.a for 54 months remaining (**)

(**) Terms and conditions applied: Before disbursement, Customer opens new Term Account deposit at Shinhan Bank Vietnam, minimum amount is VND 30,000,000 (in words: Thirty million VND) with minimum tenor 06 months.

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Competitive interest rate

Financed up to 70% of house value

Loan tenor is up to 30 years

Customers will receive interest rate reduction when using other existing Shinhan Bank's products. Please kindly contact the nearest branches/transaction offices for more details (*).

Required documents

Valid ID/passport

Confirmation of residence information

Proof of income

Evidence of property ownership