Features & Benefits

Flexi-Cash Service

You are planning the getaway trip with your family, home revovation or motobike purchase for yourself, but have to delay because of unexpected expenses?

Let's Shinhan have a hand in fullfill your life with FLEXI-CASH service, offers an instant cash disbursement up to 50% of Credit Card limit and converts to installment repayment with fixed and favorite interest.

 Low Interest Rate from 18%/year with flexible term 12, 24, 36 months

 Fast-Cash within 24h 

 High Flexi-cash Limit from VND 3 million - 500 million

 Simple process (Chip ID)


Choose one of these options:


Call 1900 1577


Visit nearest branch/TO


The applicant must be active Primary Shinhan Credit Cardholders


Nationality: Vietnamese


Own one of following Credit Cards: Hi-Point, Cash-back, Travel Platinum, Private Wealth Management Platinum


Good credit standing and credit history

Required documents

Fees & Interest


  • Application fee: VND 400,000 (No VAT applied. Charged after successful disbursement)
  • Early repayment fee: 2% of outstanding balance (Min VND 200,000)
  • Interest

    Interest on reducing balance

  • 12 months: 23%/p.a (1.92%/p.m)
  • 24 months: 21%/p.a (1.75%/p.m)
  • 36 months: 18%/p.a (1.50%/p.m)
  • Example of Flexi-cash payment schedule

    - Customer who applied 6,000,000(VND) / 12months of SHINHAN Flexicash / interest rate: 23%

    *Note: the calculation is estimated for illustration purpose only; it does not constitute an actual approval of installment amount or monthly payment. It will be changed by the customer’s billing date & Flexicash starting date.


    What is the maximum amount I can apply Flexi-cash?

    Customer can apply up to 50% credit limit. Flexi-cash limit can be changed depending on customer's available credit limit.

    If I hold Shinhan Visa Consumer Classic/Gold/Platinum/E-card Credit Card, can I apply?

    Please contact to Contact Center 1900 1577 or go to nearest Shinhan Branch to check the service eligibility of card.

    Can I apply Flexi-cash if I am foreigner?

    NO. This service is currently available for Vietnamese only.

    Can I choose the tenor other than 12m/24m/36m?

    NO. The currently available tenors for Flexi-cash are 12m/24m/36m. Please refer more details in section Features & Benefits

    Can I apply Flexi-cash if I am currently late for payment or my credit card is currently blocked?

    NO. Your credit card has to be in good credit standing and not blocked. Please refer more detail in section Eligibility.

    Can I apply if I haven’t registered email address with Shinhan?

    NO. Email address is required for Flexi-cash application. If customer hasn’t registered email address, please register before applying Flexi-cash.

    When and how will I know the status of my application?

    After receiving required documents fully from customer, Shinhan staff will contact to confirm information and process within 1 working day.

    Is it possible to get the Flexi-cash money to the other’s account?

    No. Fund will be disbursed only for “the customer owns an VND demand account at Shinnhan bank Vietnam”. And when the Flexi-cash applicant & account owner are different, the Flexi-cash disbursement can’t be completed.

    Is it possible to choose the ‘Monthly equal payments’ logic for Flexi-cash?

    NO. For now only the ‘Monthly Equal Principal’ payments is available. That means monthly repayment is equal principal amount + monthly interest. Equal principal amount = Total Flexi-cash amount/tenor. Monthly interest is calculated based on beginning outstanding balance of billing cycle x Interest rate/365 x number of actual calendar days in that billing cycle.

    How can I know the monthly payment for my Flexi-cash?

    Monthly payment for Flexi-cash is shown in credit card monthly statement.

    Can I make partial early payment?

    NO. Customer must pay full remaining balance of one Flexi-cash transaction. Early repayment fee will be applied as 2% of outstanding balance (min VND 200,000)