Shinhan Way

Like a human being, Shinhan has a style. Like a community, Shinhan has developed a unique culture.

Shinhan is an organization of diversified individuals yet have the same purpose - Performing their best for the customers. In order to create a synergy between these people, Shinhan is developed a unique culture called Shinhan Way with an expectation that each Shinhan individual shall posses strong passion to be on the top and deliver such passion in initiating creative changes and building teamwork of mutual respect to write a new history of CUSTOMER FOCUS.

Components of Shinhan way

Business Principles
Core Value

Customer - Trust And Sincerity

Trust: based on the ethnic of trust and sincerity, we listen to what customer's have to say and think and act from their perpective.

Differentiated Servives: We offer better product and services that exceed customer's expectation both in context & timing.

Partnership: Make our utmost efforts to help our customers succeed as their success is our success.

Social Contribution: We regconize our responsibility as a corporate citizen and proactively participate in social contribution activities.

Respect - We Value Communication

Greater Amphasis On Communication: We value open and free communication and practive such communication on daily basic.

Faimess: We treat all members of organization fairly without prejudice or bias.

Teamwork: We cooperate achieving to achieve common set of goals by fullfilling outreach of our role and responsibilities.

Pursuit Of Common: We explore ways to maximize our common interests and cooperate together with respect and consideration.

Change - We Think and Act

Creative Thinking: We think and act to discover better ways in business by seeing through stereotypes and overcoming obstacles.

Innovation: We are committed to call for fundamental changes to improve and reinvent ourselves.

Competitive Advantage: We aim to differentiate ourselves to gain competitive advantage

Constant Improvement: We will continuously strive to improve not to become complacent with one-off changes.

Excellence - Challenging Goals

Challenging Goals: We set challenging goals and comtemplate specific ways to achieve them.

Strong Execution: We carry out strong execution persistently with a winner's spirit that motivates us to achieve our goals without failure.

Self-Development: We learn and make ceaseless efforts to become the best in our fields.

Overcoming Crisis: We will not give in the fear at the brink of difficulties but rather put ourselves up to the task again and again.

Ownership - Member Of Shinhan

Pride: We take pride in being a member of Shinhan and pride in ourwork.

Self -Initiative: We will take the initiative with a passionate mind while spreading the enthusiasm to others as well.

Fun: We strive to create fun, energetic working environment with positive thinking.

Responsiilty: We have a clear understanding of our jobs, do our best with a sense of mission and hold ourwselves responsible of results.

The first component of the Shinhan Way is Business principle, which servers as the basis of making group's management decisions. In other words, Business Principle is a declarative statement that Shinhan engages in Business based on the following manners


We place top priority on creating value for customer


We pratice business in the right way (Jeong - Do Management) and faithfully fullfill our social responsibility


We value and nurture people of talent


We strive to contribute to generating synergy for the group


We always think and act from the perpectives of customers ased on honesty and trust in order to grow together with our customers, while we are also determined to faithfully fulfill our social responsibility toward all members of society.


We try to maximize our organizational cohension and pusure to grow together by practicing mutual respects among Group companies, departments and individuals and taking into account one another's viewpoints.


We aim to secure differentiated competitiveness that can set us apart from others by making creative approaches to future markets, instead of just playing in the given market.


We set challenging goals to become the best and act swiftly and resolute to attain them by obtaining expertise and constantly stretching ourselves with a pioneering spirit and passion.


We take the initiative in our work with a strong sense of responsibility as we believe our organization's growth is closely in line with personal growth.