Shinhan culture

Shinhan culture is composed of the unique attributions, developed by peerless individuals with diversified features and identities yet have worked forward the sole mission “Providing the best services to customers”. In order to create a synergy between these individuals, Shinhan WAY is born with an expectation to connect and each every Shinhan Family member by a strong passion, hope, enduring efforts for self-development to initiate creative changes. Additionally, Shinhan also dignifies the power of solidarity, mutual respect and support to deliver the best values to communities.

Components of Shinhan Way

For the last 20 years, SFG has been a leading innovation in Korea finance. The vision of establishing "World Class Financial Group" has been a compass for growth. Today, we experience a dramatic change of digital technology more than ever, which is the dominant economic player. To adapt with new changes, it is time to rearrange Shinhan’s goals in line with the true form of finance that customers want. The new value system is called "Shinhan WAY 2.0".

"Shinhan WAY 2.0" is a way of thinking and behavior shared by all Shinhan people. This is the standard and Shinhan’s future direction.

Vision and mission
Core values
Business principles


Creative finance: To achieve successes for our business, Shinhan’s financial products and services evolve along with the changing times and business environment. Departing from past conventions, we seek for innovative solutions using a methodology we call creative finance.

Prosperity sharing: As Shinhan helps more customers succeed and fulfills the fundamental role of finance, the allocation of resources will be more efficient and values brought to the whole of society will be higher. With the interlinked values of the customers, Shinhan and society will grow together and lead to progress in a virtuous cycle of shared prosperity.


Reflecting the most important value that customers want in finance.

In our customer survey, customers choose convenience, safety, and innovation as the most important factors in finance. The expression “More” represents the will to create a differentiated solution unique to Shinhan along with ceaseless efforts towards customers.


Easy, Accessible and Convenient

We will improve online and offline financial services so that customers can use finance more easily and conveniently, and connect finance more closely with customers’ daily life and business through a digital ecosystem.


Safe and Reliable

We will provide safe, reliable, and secure financial services and support customers realize their dreams.


Original and Innovative

We will provide new value to our customers through innovative and original financial services that creatively converge Shinhan’s expertise and innovative digital technology.

We value doing what is RIGHT for our customers and for the future generations.

  • Ethics: We always make effort to do the right and suitable thing, in line with the social standards for our customers.
  • Trust: We focus on the value of our customers first.
  • Fairness: We always try our best to create a friendly workplace – where all employees are being evaluated and treated fairly.
  • Sustainability: We focus on building long-term values for our customers and for the future generation.

We value being NIMBLE – executing with flexibility and efficiency, never stop learning and keep moving forward.

  • Execute quickly: We focus on execute our work quickly and effectively; firmly delete any obstacles in our decision-making and execution.
  • Learn and grow: We never stop learning new things and trying our best to keep ourselves updated with new trends that benefit our customers.

We respect individual DIFFERENCES and value having DIFFERENTIATED outcomes.

  • Respect for differences: We value the diversity in our organization and always ready to corporate to create outstanding values for our customers.
  • Create differentiated outcomes: We set out goals on creating differentiated values and exceptional customer experiences.

The first component of the Shinhan WAY is business principle, which serves as the basis of making group's management decisions. In other words, business principle is a declarative statement that Shinhan engages in business based on the following manners.


We place top priority on creating value for customer


Make a better world through the power of finance


Value and nurture of talents


Strike to build a synergy for strong and powerful Shinhan