Shinhan culture

Shinhan culture is composed of the unique attributions, developed by peerless individuals with diversified features and identities yet have worked forward the sole mission “Providing the best services to customers”. In order to create a synergy between these individuals, Shinhan Way is born with an expectation to connect each and every Shinhan Family members by a strong passion, hope, enduring efforts for self-development to initiate creative changes. Additionally, Shinhan also dignifies the power of solidarity, mutual respect and support to deliver the best values to communities.

Components of Shinhan Way

Vision and mission
Core values
Business principles


Creative finance: To achieve successes for our business, Shinhan’s financial products and services evolve along with the changing times and business environment. Departing from past conventions, we seek for innovative solutions using a methodology we call creative finance.

Prosperity sharing: As Shinhan helps more customers succeed and fulfills the fundamental role of finance, the allocation of resources will be more efficient and values brought to the whole of society will be higher. With the interlinked values of the customers, Shinhan and society will grow together and lead to progress in a virtuous cycle of shared prosperity.


For customers: Strive to become the leading Korean bank that shares vision of a better future with its customers.

For markets: Set new banking trends by challenging the limits of the present banking industry through changes and innovations.

For employees: Create an environment in which employees can work in harmony and with pride knowing that they are members of a leading Korean bank.

Core values customer focus

Trust: We listen to understand customers and act from their perspective.

Differentiated services: We offer products and services that are optimal options personalized to each individual customer.

Partnership: Make our utmost efforts to help our customers succeed as their success is our success.

Social contribution: We recognize our responsibility as a corporate citizen and proactively create good values to communities through meaningful social activities.

Mutual respect

Greater emphasis on communication: We value open and free communication which create chances for Shinhan members to listen and understand each other and crate a strong team.

Fairness: Fairness is one of appreciated component in Shinhan culture. All members of organization are given the equal and healthy chances for promotion.

Teamwork: Solidarity always has its power. Each and every Shinhan member works in teamwork to achieve common set of goals.

Pursuit of common goal: We explore the ways to maximize and achieve our goals. The most important thing is to cooperate together with respect and consideration.

Leading the change

Creative thinking: We always explore to discover better ways to accomplish the set goals. We highly value the creativeness in thinking and action.

Innovation: We always strike to apply innovation to our procedures, products and services to best meet the diversified needs of customers.

Competitive advantage: We aim to differentiate ourselves to gain competitive advantages.

Constant improvement: We will continuously strive to improve not only procedures but also financial products and services to best serve both individual and corporate customers.

Reaching excellence

Challenging goals: We set challenging goals and contemplate specific ways to achieve them.

Strong execution: We carry out strong execution persistently with a winner's spirit that motivates us to achieve our goals without fear of failure.

Self-development: Each and every Shinhan member learns and makes ceaseless efforts to become the best in our fields and deliver the best performance.

Overcoming crisis: We will not give in the fear at the brink of difficulties but rather put ourselves up to the tasks again and again until the successes.

Taking ownership

Pride: We take pride in being a member of Shinhan Bank, the leading Korean bank and take pride in our work.

Ownership: We take the initiative for each and every Shinhan member to work with a strong sense of responsibility as we know how to spread this spirit to the whole organization.

Fun: We strive to create fun, energetic working environment with positive thinking, where each member finds their role in reaching the common goals.

Responsibility: We have a clear understanding of our jobs, do our best with a sense of mission and hold ourselves responsible of results.

The first component of the Shinhan Way is business principle, which serves as the basis of making group's management decisions. In other words, business principle is a declarative statement that Shinhan engages in business based on the following manners.


We place top priority on creating value for customer


Make a better world through the power of finance


Value and nurture of talents


Strike to build a synergy for strong and powerful Shinhan