Auto debit

Auto debit is applicable to the cardholders who have demand accounts at Shinhan Bank and registered for auto debit service. On the due date, Shinhan Bank shall automatically debit the amount at the payment rate you registered from such demand accounts. Please kindly ensure your accounts’ balance and transaction limit higher or equal to your registered payment rate on the payment due date.

Cardholders can register for auto debit service via Shinhan SOL Vietnam app (detailed guideline here) or contact the nearest Shinhan branch/transaction office.

* Your credit card will be recorded as late payment if Shinhan is unable to fully debit the Minimum Payment Amount on the payment due date due to:
- The account’s balance is not enough to cover the Minimum Payment amount before 16:30 on the payment due date, or
- The account transaction limit has been exceeded.

** For delinquent cards, Shinhan will continue to debit from your payment account after the Due Date on the minimum late payment amount


Payment via Internet Banking/Mobile Banking SOL

You can log in your Internet Banking/SOL App to make payment for the credit cards, using one of following functions:

  • “Card Payment” function

You can use “Card payment” function to:

- Make payment for overdue amount (if any)

- Make payment for card statement in advance

- Make payment for each transaction in advance

Service time and processing time: 8:00 – 18:00 on weekly working days.

This function is applied if you already registered for auto debit service. You can only use this function to make payments for your own credit cards.

  • “Fund transfer” function

You can use “Fund transfer” function to make money transfer from any of your demand accounts (in VND or USD) at Shinhan to credit card number of your own or other cardholders that you would like to make payment for.

Service time: 24/7

Processing time: Card balance and card limit will be updated in 10 minutes after the fund transfer request is recorded successfully.

Details are as follows:

- Working days: 08:00 – 17:00, from Monday to Friday

- Out of above working hours, weekends and holidays: Updates is made after 18:00 on the next working day.

*Note: It cannot be paid for installment and cash advance by each single transaction. Statement which includes installment amount can be paid at the payment due date, or paid in advance in case this is the last installment term

Payment at Shinhan counters

You can cash deposit at any Shinhan counters in the opening time of every branch/transaction office of Shinhan.

* For this service, please make payment before 16:30 on the payment due date

Contact our Contact Center 1900-1577

You can call our Contact Center 1900-1577 from 8.00am to 17.00pm from Monday to Friday (excluding holiday leave days) and talk to our agent to request credit card payment from your demand account balance at Shinhan

Money transfer from other banks

Upon making the money transfer request, please input all following information:

  • (1) Beneficial name: Primary Cardholder’s Name as on ID card or Passport
  • (2) Beneficial Account: Card Number (16 digits shown on your credit card)
  • (3) Beneficial Bank: Shinhan Bank Vietnam Ltd.
  • (4) Payment amount: Payment amount
  • (5) Remark: Payment for Shinhan Credit Card

*Payment transactions with any incorrect information will be refunded to sender’s account.
**To ensure the on-time payment, please make the money transfer at least 2 working days before the payment due date.
***In case you use the express domestic transfer service to card number, the transferred amount will be directly credited into your Card Account, an independent account which is not linked to your Demand Deposit Account (DDA) (if any).
****All payments instructed by you to Beneficiary Account of card number only for card payment purpose and not used for any other payment purposes.

Payment via Payoo

Customers can make payments through Payoo channels with following three options:

  • (1) Direct payment at stores affiliated with Payoo: Circle K, Ministop, B’s mart, Vinmart+, FamilyMart, GS25, Bách hóa Xanh, etc. Method: Cash deposit or using ATM cards of the banks connected with Payoo e-wallet.
  • (2) Payment via Payoo mobile app
  • (3) Payment visa website:

* Customer need to provide: Member Code (Pxxxxxxxxx) which can be found on Credit Card Statement or in Statement notification SMS.

** Card balance and card limit will be updated in 10 minutes after successful transactions made by customers as follows:

  • Working days: From 08:00 to 17:30
  • Weekends and holidays: On the next working day

Drop Box service

Only applied at some Shinhan branches/transaction offices

You can cash deposit by:

Step 1: Fill in the payment envelope with all following information:

  • (1) Cardholder’s Name as on ID card or Passport
  • (2) 16-digits shown on your credit card
  • (3) Payment amount (Max VND30 million/envelope, VND100 million/day)
  • (4) ID and Telephone number
  • (5) Designated person’s information (if any)

Step 2: Put cash into the envelope, seal and put it in the Drop box at the branches/transaction offices before 16:30 on the payment due date.

* Please kindly keep a copy of payment receipt.

** In case there is difference between the filled payment amount and the actual received amount, the actual amount that Shinhan receives shall prevail.


  • You must make payment for at least the Minimum Payment Amount as shown on your monthly Card Statement before or on your Payment due date. In case you fails to make payment for at least the Minimum Payment Amount on your payment due date, you will be registered overdue status.
  • Interest shall be charged only when you fail to pay the full Statement Balance on or before the Due Date. Interest is calculated from the registration date until the actual payment date of the Transaction(s).
  • If you make payment via Card number by money transfer from other bank, using Payoo channels or Dropbox service as above, Shinhan will auto debit your outstanding balance (except unbilled Installment or Flexicash amount)
  • The following payment methods are applied to personal credit cards. Please contact your nearest Shinhan branches/transaction offices for further support of payment methods applicable to corporate credit cards