What Is Tops Club?

Let's Discover A World of Endless Joy And Exclusive Previleges

At Shinhan Bank, we value your loyalty above all else which is why we have created a unique Tops club system for our valued customers.

Tops club members are classified into Tops club grade based on Tops club point which is calculated from the customers contribution and performance at Shinhan Bank Vietnam.



Tops point >= 2000 points



Tops point >= 1,200 points



Tops point >= 1000 points



Tops point >= 500 points

How Does Tops Club System Work?

Tops club members’ contribution and performance in 7 fields of Shinhan Bank transactions will be calculated and converted into Tops club point base on which Tops club grades will be applied.

TypesFieldsUnit Of PerformancePoint Per Unit

Demand Deposit

(3-month average balance)

by 500,000 VND5

Installment/ Time Deposit

(3-month average balance)

by 500,000 VND3

Personal Loan

(3-month average balance)

by 5,000,000 VND10
Credit Card

Payment amount for credit card

(Total payment amount for credit card in 3 months, POS transaction only)

by 500,000 VND1

Outward Overseas Remittance

(Number of outward overseas remittance transaction in 3 months)

by item10

Foreign Exchange

(Total amount of foreign exchange transaction in 3 months)

by U$ 5002

Period of relationship with the bank (CIF registration date)

by 1 year10 (max 100)

Why Should I Join Tops Club?

Being a member of our Tops club, you will receive exclusive benefits with endless rewards as you rise through the Tops club grades.

Account ManagementCash withdrawal (USD)Free50% DC30% DC-
SMS feeFreeFree--
Account certificate issuance feeFreeFreeFreeFree
Account statement issuance feeFreeFreeFreeFree
Some other account feesFreeFreeFreeFree
RemittanceOversea InwardFree50% DC30% DC30% DC
Oversea OutwardFree50% DC30% DC-
Domestic OutwardFree50% DC30% DC-
Express Domestic TransferFree---
Transfer by ContactFree---
Credit/Debit CardAnnual FeeFree (***)Free (***)--
SMS feeFreeFree--
Cash withdrawal at other bank's ATM feeFree (**)---
ATM CardCash withdrawal at other bank's ATM feeFree---
First card issuance feeFree---
Second card issuance/Re-issuance feeFree---

(*) Fee discount is not applied to minimum fee/flat fee.
(**) Fee waive is applied according to policy of each debit card type from time to time.
(***) Fee waive is applied according to policy of each credit card type from time to time.

When Is My Tops Club Grade Classified?

Tops club members’ performance will be calculated for classification of Tops club grades by every 3 months and the Tops club grade of each classification period will be valid for 3 months.
In case your Tops club grades is downgraded at the next classification period, you will be given 3 month grace period for applying new grade.

Setting DatePerformance Calculation Period Valid Period For The Grade
Jan 15thOct – Dec of the previous yearJan 15th – Apr 14th
Apr 15thJan – MarApr 15th – Jul 14th
Jul 15thApr – JunJul 15th – Oct 14th
Oct 15thJul – SepOct 15th – Jan 14th

Who Are Eligible To Join Tops Club?

You are an individual customer of Shinhan Bank Vietnam


- Have overdue loan at the end of the previous month of setting date of customer grade.
- Have over due loan over 3 months during the last 3 months of Tops Club Grade setting date.
- Have record of late payment (over 1 million VND and 5days+ late payment) for credit card over 4 times during the last 1 year of setting date.

You have earned 500 Tops Club Points plus

Where Can I Get My Tops Club Information?

For more detailed information of our Tops club system as well as your Tops club grade and point, kindly contact: