How To Access

Internet Banking

  • Please register for Internet Banking at our nearest branches/transaction offices (Register only 01 time before using the service).
  • Then access to Internet Banking here, input the ID and password to access and experience the service.
  • Or click here for our Internet Banking's demo.

Service Scope


  • Deposit Account: Account transaction details, Closed account list, K-Study account balance certificate, Account statement
  • Loan Account: Loan information, Loan transaction details, Loan repayment schedule, Loan limit inquiry, Loan interest details
  • Manage Transaction: Transaction history inquiry
  • Fee Transaction History


  • School banking
  • Transfer within Shinhan
  • Auto transfer: Register auto internal/domestic transfer, Inquiry/Cancel auto transfer, Auto transfer result, Sweep account (auto transfer between accounts of the customer)
  • Domestic transfer: FastFund NAPAS 24/7 (Express domestic transfer), Domestic transfer application, State budget collection, Domestic transfer details, Domestic transfer process details
  • Overseas transfer: Overseas transfer, Transfer living expense (Overseas study), Inquire Overseas transfer (Outgoing/Incoming)
  • E-Slip Service
  • Bill Payment: Register bill payment (Electricity, water, internet, cable TV, phone, postpaid mobile phone, tuition fee, apartment management fee, airline ticket, loan payment), Inquiry bill payment, Auto-debit bill payment
  • Top Up: Direct Top Up, Buy scratchcard, Register SMS Top Up, Terminate SMS Top Up


  • General information
  • Inquiry transaction: Card statement, History transaction, Payment history
  • Card Rewards: Reward inquiry, Shinhan Point/Shinhan Mileage/Signature Point Redemption
  • Card Payment
  • Sign up for installments: Applicable to transactions from VND 3,000,000 or more
  • Card application request
  • Block, unblock card/Report card lost
  • Activate/Set-up PIN
  • E-commerce NAPAS ATM Card: Activate/deactivate

Product and services

  • Deposit: Open/close Term Account and Non-term Account, Change renewal type, Smart saving
  • Loan Service: Online secured loan application, Online secured loan early repayment
  • E-wallet MOMO, ZALO PAY, GRABPAY BY MOCA: Register/terminate e-wallet mapping, Transfer money to e-wallet
  • Exchange rate
  • SMS service: SMS service registration
  • S-Payroll Account


  • User management: Change customer/user information, Change user password, Reduce transfer limit, Change security question, User PC information management, Add/delete My Menu
  • Account management: Change account information, Manage account password, Beneficiary account management, Manage transfer template
  • Report lost and stolen: Report security device lost
  • Message box
  • SOL Club information

Customer center

  • Request for loan consultation
  • Credit card application
  • Verify letter of guarantee
  • User guide and other information


Free for service registering fee

Connect 24/7

Free download of bank statement

Inquiry account information easily

Secured and Convenient for transfer

Easy register for Loan application

Biometric Verification Service

Biometric Verification Service With Mobile Banking


High security with six (6) layers of protection

User ID

ID password

Registered PC

Security questions

OTP/Security card

Account password