Firm Banking

  • Support for effective fund management based on purchases & sales activities
  • Support for strategic decision to operate fund for doing business
  • Internal Audit
  • Contents of Cash Management Service
TypesPoint Per Unit
Transaction ManagementCollection
  • Onsite Cash Collection Service
  • Identity Account
  • Bulk Collection
  • Account Payment (Single, Bulk Transfer)
    - Telegraphic transfer includes domestic and overseas
  • Payment Status Report
Liquidity Management
  • Cash Pooling
  • Cash Sweeping
  • Account Reconcile (Statement)
  • Cash Flow Management
    - Account Balance Reporting
    - Due day Report (Time deposit, Loan)
    - Exchange Rate Report
Internal Audit
  • Notification Service of Credit card use
  • Notification of transaction details (SMS, e-Mail)

School Banking

School banking is a solution for tuition fee management via the collection services & connect directly to the core banking of Shinhan Bank to make transfer/payment

Collection service is the most convenient payment solution, which offers Virtual Account & Bulk Collection
  • Virtual Accounts are uniquely assigned to each student and linked to the school’s Parent Account. If the virtual account is credited, it is automatically credited to Parent Account.
  • Bulk Collection is the active cash collection service, in which schools can request Shinhan to credit its account with the amount collected from the students’ accounts and/or related parties who have signed debit mandate(s) to authorize Shinhan to debit their accounts by order of the schools.
Accounting System (ERP)Bank Statement, P/L, Account Receivable, Account Payable
Collection SystemStudent ManagememtManage student’s information (class, tuition fee, personal information...)
Collection ManagementVirtual Account
Bulk Collection
Firm Banking SystemConnect directly to core banking of Shinhan Bank Vietnam
Account Payment (internal transfer, domestic transfer, bulk transfer)
Manage Payment Status Report