Securities depository

Securities depository is a service that has been officially launched since July 2017 at Shinhan Bank. This service involves holding securities and cash for investors; executing Sell/Buy orders made by investors and the rights arising in relation to investors’ activities, especially foreign investors in Vietnam.

Client reports

This service is offered to support investors in updating timely and accurately information about transactions, asset position, daily cash statement, property price, upcoming exercise of rights, etc. via the website. Shinhan Bank also makes the reports with authorization on behalf of investors in Vietnam market.

Depository service

This service involves supporting foreign investors, especially Korean in their investment in Vietnam's stock market. With our prestige and professionalism in providing securities depository service in Korean market, Shinhan Bank would like to apply our professional experience and advanced technology from Korean to Vietnam market with the aim of giving the best service to clients as financial institutions. Shinhan Bank is committed to ensuring the safe keeping and confidentiality for investors.


This service involves reconciling investors' assets between purchase and sale transactions as well as making direct transfers among financial institutions.

Transaction confirmation

Clearing and settlement are the final step to complete the securities trading procedure at the end of the day according to the following principle: the transfer of securities definitely takes place at the same time as the fund transfer is made at the paying bank. In addition, transaction confirmation is carried out and controlled strictly in compliance with prevailing regulations on balance confirmation among the securities company, the depository bank and the client's orders.

Foreign Exchange

With the desire to meet foreign investors’ needs for use of foreign currency to make their investment in Vietnam's stock market, Shinhan Bank will offer foreign exchange services, including foreign currency conversion; purchase and sale of foreign currency to ensure sufficient funds for clients’ investment in Vietnam and guarantee a certain amount of foreign currency is transferred to the clients’ country when they have the proceeds from sale transactions, dividends or bonds.

Exercise of rights

Notify and exercise the legal rights in relation to securities under the investors’ ownership or follow the investors' orders, including the right to vote, dividends, share swap or merger, and other rights as regulated by law.

Market news

This is an extra service to help investors update information related to the market's development and flexibility, including market macro information and new transaction regulations.

Escrow account

This account is used for extremely high-value transactions or securities not yet listed on the Stock Exchange or already listed but trading prices are outside the price range set by the Stock Exchange. Shinhan Bank will act as an agent to protect the rights of the parties entering into escrow contract and help transfer the assets. This service is usually provided with private issuance transactions.