1. DO NOT reveal your Card information or your PIN

  • Do not lend or share your card information with anyone else.
  • Do not disclose any information, if you receive bogus calls claiming to be from Shinhan that encourage you to disclose personal or account information.
  • Change your PIN regularly for precaution.
  • Do not keep your credit card together with your PIN.
  • When selecting your PIN, avoid picking a number that is easy to guess (date of birth, phone...)

2. CAREFULLY preserve and regularly check your Card to against loss and theft

  • Make sure you sign your Shinhan Visa Credit card, and always keep it safe.
  • Keep your card within your sight and don't allow merchants to take your card away for an extended period of time.
  • Make sure your card is returned to you promptly after a transaction
  • Immediately call 1900 1577, if you don't recognize or have questions about any transactions on your credit card statement

3. DO NOT respond to suspicious emails

  • Delete any suspicious emails, including ones which you do not recognize the sender.
  • Shinhan will never send you an email asking you to disclose personal information, bank details, passwords, PIN, or send a courier to your home to collect your card/ PIN. Please let us know if this happens.
  • Be very cautious with strange or spot fraudulent emails

4. Purchasing online with Verified by Visa when purchasing online

  • Use a secure web browser.
  • Check the website security before making card transaction.
  • Do not send credit card details and OTP code any form of unauthorized use

5. If your Card is lost or stolen, please click here for more detail