If you receive a suspicious-looking email/ SMS purporting to be from SHBVN, please do not click on any links or do not reply; forward it to (email), delete it and empty your deleted items.

If you are unsure of the validity of any request purporting to be from the bank, suspicious of information leak, other enquiries or card is lost or stolen, please report it to Shinhan to block your credit card immediately by below methods:

  • Call Shinhan Contact Center at 1900 1577 or 1800 599 926 (for PWM customer) Shinhan agent for support.
  • The hotline 1900 1577, to report the loss of your card, please do the following:
LanguageProducts and servicesDetail requests

Press 1: Vietnamese
Press 2: English
Press 3: Korean

Press 1: Report lost card and emmergency card lockupPress 1: Report by account number-> Input Account number and PIN
Press 2: Report by card number -> Input Card number and PIN
Press 3:
Report for lost corporate card or connect to a Customer Service representative -> Connect to a staff
  • Log in to App SOL or Internet Banking to report card lost

Step 1: Access Internet Banking
Step 2: Choose “Cards”
Step 3: Choose “Block Card / Unblock Card”
Step 4: Click Card number
Step 5: Choose “Report card

Step 1: Access to Sol App
Step 2: Choose “Cards”
Step 3: Tap “MORE”
Step 4: Choose “Manage”
Step 5: Choose “Report loss”
Step 6: Follow the instructions to complete your request