Where customer can find answers about banking with Shinhan Bank Vietnam, (Card, Loan,..)

Credit card

Can I use my SHBVN credit card immediately after I receive it?

Customer need to activate the card before using

How should I do with my old credit card when I completed to activate new card?

Totally destroy the card both card number, chip and magnetic stripe.

Why do I apply Shinhan credit card?

We welcome you to open Shinhan credit card and enjoy benefits ready for you.

- Please take a look at our product lines and seek the best suit your needs here

- For promotion offers of Opening credit card and Using credit card, please refer here

How can I apply for Shinhan Credit Card?

Thanks for choosing us. You can apply Shinhan credit card at:

  1. Mobile banking SOL app: complete your full application in 30 minutes. Please take a glance here before starting.

Note: Only applicable to customers with Vietnamese nationality

  1. Our site: https://shinhan.com.vn/vi/credit-card-application. We will contact you within 48 hours after you complete registration.
  2. Shinhan branches nationwide. Find Shinhan branch here

Note: Application channel 1 and 2 currently apply to Consumer card. For Corporate card, please visit Shinhan Branches.

I am 18 years old. Can I apply Consumer Shinhan credit card?

You can apply Shinhan credit card under supplementary card. According to regulation of State Bank of Viet Nam, citizen must be from 20 years old at the application time

Debit card

How do I apply for this SMS notification service?

Register SMS service at counter

What kind of transactions will trigger SMS alert?

There are many kinds of SMS notification: card transactions, statement, payment, renewal…

Do I have to pay for this SMS Notification service?

Yes, SMS fee: VND11,000/month/member

Is this service available 24 hours?


What is the minimum transaction amount I have to make in order to receive this SMS transaction alert?

Regardless of the transaction amount, when customer makes any transaction on the card, there will be the SMS transaction alert


Can I fully repay the outstanding loan before final due date? Can I request such prepayment at any Bank’s Branch/Transactional Office?

- Customers can pay before the due date (more than the repayment schedule) or pay before the due date with the corresponding prepayment fee as agreed in the Credit Contract.

- Loan repayment can in principle be recorded at any Shinhan branch.

- However, in order to facilitate customer care and property mortgage, the Customer needs to notify the branch in charge of the loan for the best support.

How will my credit history be affected when the loan is overdue?

- In case the customer's loan at a bank is overdue and the debt group is changed, this debt group will be reported to CIC (National Credit Data Center).

- Here, the highest (worst) debt group will be applied by CIC to customers at banks where customers have outstanding loans.

Does bank offer any banking service to help me easily manage my loans?

Customers who install the Sol application will receive a monthly push-up notification of the amount to be paid periodically before the payment due date. Besides, customers can easily look up their loan repayment schedule and payment history on this application.                                   

What is the maximum amount that I can borrow?

Loan limits are determined by product: up to 70% of the value of the mortgaged property, and the total monthly repayments (principal + interest) of all outstanding loans and credit cards of the customer does not exceed 70% of the average monthly income of the customer.

What is the maximum loan tenor that I can apply for?

The maximum loan period is 30 years, and is limited by the age of the borrower and the mortgagor (18 -70 years old at the time of loan application and Maximum 70 years old at the end of the loan term)