Can I use my SHBVN credit card immediately after I receive it?

Customer need to activate the card before using

How should I do with my old credit card when I completed to activate new card?

Totally destroy the card both card number, chip and magnetic stripe.

Why do I apply Shinhan credit card?

We welcome you to open Shinhan credit card and enjoy benefits ready for you.

- Please take a look at our product lines and seek the best suit your needs here

- For promotion offers of Opening credit card and Using credit card, please refer here

How can I apply for Shinhan Credit Card?

Thanks for choosing us. You can apply Shinhan credit card at:

  1. Mobile banking SOL app: complete your full application in 30 minutes. Please take a glance here before starting.

Note: Only applicable to customers with Vietnamese nationality

  1. Our site: We will contact you within 48 hours after you complete registration.
  2. Shinhan branches nationwide. Find Shinhan branch here

Note: Application channel 1 and 2 currently apply to Consumer card. For Corporate card, please visit Shinhan Branches.

I am 18 years old. Can I apply Consumer Shinhan credit card?

You can apply Shinhan credit card under supplementary card. According to regulation of State Bank of Viet Nam, citizen must be from 20 years old at the application time

How can I know my credit card is ready to be delivered?

Shinhan will send notification to you as soon as card is printed and ready for delivery to your address. Besides that, sales agent also notify you. Please keep your eyes on the phone to receive the call from shipping team.

How long does card delivery takes time?

Delivery time is different upon geography regions, last from 2 – 5 working days.

What do I do when I receive card package from shipping team?

- Firstly, check carefully card package and refuse to receive if there is a tear in the package or a clue which implied your card already used illegally

- Secondly, active your card. Follow short guideline in the sticker on card plate.

- Thirdly, go to the offline/online store and make the first transaction to check card quality. If there is issue, please call to Hotline 19001577 for further support.

Which channels can I receive my credit card monthly statement?

Via email or post

How does SHBVN calculate the 45 days interest charge free period?

It's calculated from acquiring date to due date

How can I repay the outstanding balance on my SHBVN Credit Card?

For more detail, please kindly click here

I only have a foreign currency deposit account with SHBVN. Can I pay my card balance in VND by debiting this account?


Can I pay the minimum payment amount on the Due Date?


Can I pay more than minimum payment amount?


How are fees applied if I don’t pay the minimum amount on the Payment Due Date?

Learn more Fee & Charges, click here

Will my credit history be affected if I do not pay the minimum payment due?


If I don’t have enough money for full auto payment on the Payment Due Date, how will the bank process with the remaining balance?

The remaining balance will be accumulated to closing balance of next statement and interest will be applied on unpaid transactions

Can I register for the auto-payment service so 50% of the statement balance is automatically repaid each month?

Just 02 options: 5% or 100%

What should I do if my SHBVN credit card is lost or stolen?

For more detail, click here

What kinds of SMS alert are there? When can I receive SMS to notify about transaction and payment?

There are many kinds of SMS notification: card transactions, statement, payment, renewal… If customer registered SMS service, customer will receive SMS notification about the transactions right after the transactions are made, or when the bank received the payment for card.

How do I apply for this SMS transaction alert service?

Register SMS service at counter

Do I have to pay for this SMS transaction alert?

Yes, SMS fee: VND11,000/month/member

If I have made a transaction in foreign currency, will the SMS alert show the transaction in local currency or in that particular foreign currency?

SMS service always shows the transaction amount in VND

Can I use my credit card to withdraw cash at Point of Sales terminal?

Currently, withdrawing cash at POS terminal is accepted if both the POS terminal and acquirer bank meet the requirement from SBV. Therefore, customers can withdraw cash at such legal POS terminal

If I receive a new credit card having unchanged card number, do I need to update information of this new card for all my current online recurring transactions?

After requesting for card replacement, customer will receive new card with different card number. You have to update new card information on all of the applications/services which you registered with the old card. It aims to keep current usage and more easy to manage recurring transactions

How can I get the Personal Identification Number (PIN) of my Credit Cards?

Customer can set up the PIN at counter/Via SOL apps

How do I register for SHBVN Credit Card Monthly e-Statement service?

By visiting branch and filling in request form

Do I have to pay any fee to register my personal email and receive SHBVN Credit Card Monthly e-Statements?


Is SHBVN Credit Card Monthly e-Statement service safe and secure?

Yes. It is required a password to open the Card statement.

In case my Credit Card is replaced with a new number, will my password to open the encrypted PDF Credit Card e-Statements be changed?

The password to open the encrypted e-Statement will be kept unchanged

Can I update/change my email address to receive SHBVN Credit Card Monthly e-Statements?

Yes. By visiting branch and filling in request form

Can I register several different email addresses to receive my SHBVN Credit Card Monthly e-Statements?

No, only 01 email can register to receive e-Statement for 01 customer.

Will SHBVN Credit Card Monthly e-Statements be sent to both email address of Primary and Supplementary Credit Cardholders?

Credit card Monthly e-Statement can only be sent to email address of Primary member.