Supports customer auto money transfer to Term Deposit account via Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.

Auto transfer total amount or a part of surplus funds to customer's nominated Term Deposit account when account's balance is higher than registered maintenance balance.


Free registration and maintenance service

One-time registration - free your mind with deposit schedules

An adequate balance is always maintained to ensure your financial status

Easy registration and inquiry via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

Optimized receiving interest amount

Easy, quick and safe


Step 1: Open E-free Installment Deposit Account

      * 1st method:

        Access Product & Service


        4Smart saving

        4Click "Here" (in the service guide section on top of screen)

      * 2nd method:

        Access Product & Service

        4 Deposit

        4Open Term Account

        4Choose E-free Installment Deposit Account

Step 2:Register Online Smart Saving Service

      In registration screen, input following information:

      - Minimum maintenance balance

      - Maximum transfer amount

      - Deposit account

      - Deposit frequency

      - Transfer at the end of month/holidays

2 steps to register


Please complete Application form


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