Contact Center

Do not need to take time to come to the bank. Instead, take the bank along with you. Our representatives are available 24/7

Service scope

Contact Center now offers the following services and supports to customers:

1. Report card loss/fraud/blocking
  • ATM/VISA card loss/fraud report
  • Blocking card request
2. Card-related service
  • ATM/VISA card information and transaction details
  • VISA card activation (for individual customers)
  • VISA card service (for individual customers): Information change, reward redemption, installment registration, credit card payment,...
3. Account-related service
  • Account information and transaction details
4. Change ATM card password
  • Customers change ATM card password via Auto Response System (ARS)
5. Internet banking/Mobile banking-related service
  • Internet banking/Mobile banking information and usage
6. Report lost/fraud of Internet banking/Mobile banking account
  • Report security device loss
  • Report fraud transactions of IB/MB and block IB/MB account
7. Loan-related service
  • Loan account information and payment history
8. Branch & Transaction office network
  • Address, phone numbers and working hours of Shinhan Bank Vietnam Branches/Transaction Offices