Dear Valued Customers,

Currently, there are many cases of Internet Banking information stolen, which can be one of the followings:

-      Phishing scams, such as malicious  website and fake Internet Banking homepage to trick you into giving login credentials and steal information.

-      Impersonate bank staff or customer’s relatives to  steal information relevant to Internet Banking (user ID, login password, security device’s password, security question and answers, account’s password among other sensitive personal information) through email, telephone, social website, malicious website or link.

In order to protect your Internet Banking information and avoid financial loss, Shinhan Bank Vietnam recommends customers to improve IB information security as follows:

  1. Only access Internet Banking of Shinhan Bank Vietnam at: https://online.shinhan.com.vnor via  the bank’s website at https://shinhan.com.vn or via Mobile Banking application developed by Shinhan Bank.
  2. Apply the security and anti-virus program to your PC and do not share devices you used for accessing, processing Internet Banking transaction with others. Do not use cracked device to download and install Mobile Banking application, only download and install trusted source application. Do not use public PC or other people’ device for accessing, processing Internet Banking transactions.
  3. Keep all information related to Internet Banking secured (user ID, login password, security device’s password, security question and answers, account’s password, etc.), do not share the device storing these information, do not save login information on web browser, log out Internet Banking after use.
  4. Change password periodically at least once a year. In case of having doubt or detect that the Internet Banking login information is revealed, stolen or unsecured, customers should immediately change password, re-issue security device and/or inform to Shinhan Bank.

Your Sincerely,

Shinhan Bank Vietnam.