Dear Valued Customers,

Nowadays, digitalization in banking system brings facilities to support banks in satisfaction of customers to make all financial transactions online at any time and any place without any delay. However, there are many latent risks together with it, especially the risk of stealing information, appropriating properties by defraudation. Recently, we identify some forms of defraudation as follows:  

  • To disguise Shinhan Bank Vietnam Limited (“Bank”) to send email to customers to access fake internet banking websites, log in and provide all Confidential Information (as user ID, password, security device code, security questions & answers, account password, credit card information, etc.).
  • Disguise as the Bank’s staff to contact customers via phone call, email or social network to inform about some strange transactions (such as inward remittance from friends/relatives or sudden lucky money or any special promotion program, etc.) and request Customer to transfer money into an unknown account or provide Confidential
  • Disguise as Authorities or the Bank to ask customers to transfer money to another bank account with the purpose of special investigation.

For protect your information and ensure safety when using internet banking, we would like to take your notice on following issues while using the Bank’s internet banking service:

  1. Only access the Bank’s internet banking service at websites https://online.shinhan.com.vn and https://shinhan.com.vn or via the mobile banking application developed by the Bank.
  2. Do not provide OTP, user password, security device code, security questions, account password, credit card information to anyone (including bank staff) in order to receive money. Kindly noted that OTP is ONLY used for debiting account or changing your personal information, NOT used for crediting money.
  3. Apply the security and anti-virus program for the PC used for accessing, processing Internet Banking transaction; do not share this PC for any person. Do not use cracking device to download & install Mobile Banking application. Do not use public PC or other people’ device for accessing, processing Internet Banking transaction.
  4. Keep all Confidential Information, do not share the storage device of these information, do not save login information on web browser, log out Internet Banking after using.
  5. Change password periodically at least once 3 months. DO NOT set your financial password which is easy-predicted such as your phone number, date of birth, etc.
  6. In case customers sense or find out that the Internet Banking login information is revealed, stolen or unsecured, customers must immediately change password, re-issue security device and/or inform the Bank by going to Branches/TOs of the Bank or calling to Contact Center at 1900 1577 for further assistance.

With this notice, we hopes that you shall have safe transactions on our internet banking service.


Yours sincerely,