Shinhan Bank Vietnam (*) and Ivy School (**) have signed the strategic cooperation agreement, allowing parents to enjoy a 0% interest rate when participating in tuition installment payments via Shinhan Bank's credit card (*).

  • (*) Shinhan Bank, one of the largest banks in Korea, has been expanding its network throughout Vietnam with 51 branches, many ATM locations and modern electronic banking services serving millions of customers.
  • (**)Ivy School was established in 2012 and the school has operated with 09 campuses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ivy School aims to bring advanced education programs with reasonable tuition fees through giving flexible financial solutions to Vietnamese parents.

According to this agreement, Shinhan Bank Vietnam and Ivy School will cooperate to provide a preferential interest rates‘s credit program so that parents can be financially proactive when paying tuition for their children. Shinhan Bank Vietnam will issue an installment credit card with a maximum term of 09 months with 0% interest rate supported by Ivy School for parents to pay tuition fees.

Parents pay tuition via Shinhan Bank Vietnam will get the following incentives:

  1. Simple approval procedure, no collateral required, no income statement;
  2. Parents can pay in installments via Shinhan Bank credit card with a term from 06 to 09 months and 0% interest rate;
  3. Free card opening fees, transaction fees, and installment conversion fees from the date of credit issuance to pay tuition at Ivy School;
  4. Approve documents conveniently and quickly, within from 24 to 48 hours to receive the results;
  5. Free annual fee for the first year.

The corporation between Shinhan Bank Vietnam and Ivy School will be a trustworthy financial solution for parents in enrolling their children in the 2023-2024 school year.

  • For details about the school, see here.
  • For details about the tuition installment program, see here.