The joy of Moon Festival is spreading all over Vietnam. Since 2014, Shinhan Bank has been so proud to bring “Full-Moon Festival” together with joy and happiness from this festival to more than 5000 students and their parents who are in provinces with disadvantaged economic conditions, such as Dak Lak, Ninh Thuan and Ca Mau. The program had various activities for participants, including games, free medication offer, gifts presents. Shinhan Bank, with this annual program, has brought the joy and made the Moon festival remarkable to the underprivileged students and Shinhan members who joined this program.


 As a proverb said “Saving 1 life is better than building 7 temples”, Shinhan Bank cooperates with the HCMC Blood Donation Center to hold the Donating Blood Event every December. This is a meaningful and significant event which has been held annually so far since 2013 and attracted more than 150 participants from the Head Quarter and branches. For the goal of “Blood donation to save a life,” let us unite to lend a hand saving life of people who need blood.


All in good time, here comes the Spring of Love, every New Year time - TET, Shinhan Bank holds meaningful Charity Program named “The Spring of Love” to fundraise for helping people in areas with disadvantaged economic conditions. It is an annual event and has been held in Dak Nong, Binh Phuoc, Tra Vinh and some other provinces. Shinhan members visited over 5000 low-income homes in those places. Our volunteers had some activities to bring these people a better and cozier New Year, including a fair with food offers and traditional games , and a show of martial arts, magic and performances for TET. In addition, Shinhan Bank handed out over 100 presents to some families to make their TET a fascinating one. In the coming time, Shinhan Bank Vietnam will continue this meaningful program to help underprivileged families.



Alongside some charity programs such as offering gifts to underprivileged families and some activities for protecting the green environment, we have a cool annual program called Happy Meal. Since 2015, Shinhan employees have visited Nu Cuoi 4 restaurant and made a lunch themselves for the disadvantaged customers here at least three times a year. Each times, Shinhan so far has offered around 600 meal portions at price of VND 2000 only. That’s is a little we can do to care about those who are in disadvantaged conditions. Moreover, Shinhan Bank encouraged their employees to lend a hand to help others by giving clothes that they no longer use to those people. This event lasted in Saturday morning but it brought great happiness to both receivers and Shinhan members. This is one of the most popular events among other events such as charity and saving the environment for Shinhan members.


Green Day is a social activity which is held monthly on the last Wednesday of a month. For the last 20 years, Shinhan Bank Vietnam has always been aware of the responsibility to protecting environment for the mankind. On the Green Day, there are over 200 members of Shinhan gathering at the Head Office to clean the road and nearby neighborhoods. This Green Day is also held for 30 branches and transaction offices also. We hope that this dedicates to the work of making the world a better place.


With the passion of making a better world through power of finance, Shinhan Bank Vietnam has been contributing to environment, education and community in Vietnam. Follow the concept of education development as the core value, Shinhan Bank makes contributions to education at different locations in Vietnam such as building school, providing teaching equipment, giving scholarship and bicycle as the transportation for students. That is the reason Bikes Riding program was born. Bikes Riding is the most significant program that makes Shinhan Bank so distinctive to our employees as well as the society. Joining this program, all the participants would ride on bicycles in a distance of roughly 10 kilometers with the goal of “accompany the students to school.” After that, Shinhan will give those bikes to the disadvantaged students who have good study achievements. By far, Shinhan has given away more than 400 bicycles to plenty of students in Hoc Mon, Can Gio, Long An and Vinh Phuc. In the following years, Shinhan will continue and spread this program to give more bikes to more underprivileged students all over the country.