A Certificate of Deposit (hereinafter called “CD”) is a kind of valuable document issued by Shinhan Bank Vietnam Limited (hereinafter called “SHBVN”). The person who owns the CD will receive interest in a certain tenor and be allowed to transfer CD/conduct appropriate transaction in accordance with currently applicable law and product regulations in each issuance period of SHBVN.

Eligible customer

Entity established and operating under Vietnamese law

Entity established and operating under foreign law

(Except credit institutions, branches of foreign banks, subsidiaries of credit institutions)


Attractive interest rate

Allowed transferring

Allowed partial withdrawal

Allowed early withdrawal

Product features

Issuance & payment currency: Vietnam dong (VND)

Tenor: 12M; 18M; 24M; 36M

Interest payment method: At the maturity date

Issuance method

SHBVN issues CD passbook for customer

CD buying method

Entity established under Vietnamese law: Buy CD from their own demand deposit account opened at SHBVN

An offshore entity established & operated under foreign law: Buy CD from IICA

Location transaction

Issue CD directly to buyers at legal transaction locations of SHBVN's Branches & T/Os