Samsung Pay card (Card)

Samsung Pay card (Card) is virtual prepaid card issued by Shinhan Bank Vietnam for individual customer via Samsung Pay app. Card is not linked with any demand account and customer can use card within the card balance

There are two card types:

Unidentified card

Card is issued won the basic of information provided by customers such as full name, e-mail address, cell phone number and is applied regular services and card limit.

Identified card

Card has information verified and is applied regular services and card limit.

Card issuance applied for

Vietnamese individual customer who already has Samsung Pay account


1. Top Up (reload)

Customers can top up (reload) the card to use by either of the 2 following methods:

Via Payoo payment gateway

Choose “Reload” function on Samsung Pay app via Payoo payment gateway. Customer can choose debit bank from bank list (including Shinhan) displayed on Samsung Pay app. Fee may be charged by debit banks under their policy. Customer may select to save card number/account number for the next reload.

Reload directly by requesting transfer transaction from account/card number from other banks at debit bank’s channels

Reload directly by requesting transfer from account/card number from other banks at debit bank’s channels (at counter, ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking) to Samsung Pay card number. Transfer fee of debit bank can be applied.

2. POS Payment

Customer can make transaction at merchants with POS of the bank within Napas network supporting payment by Samsung Pay. Shinhan Bank does not charge fee for POS payments.

3. Transfer

* Only applied for Identified card

* Customer can request for transfer on Samsung Pay app via 01 in 3 ways:

Transfer via contacts (mobile number)

Transfer to bank account in Napas network(**)

Transfer to card number in Napas network (**)

(**) All these tranfer is processed via IBT transfer system of Napas and comply with IBT services regulations.

4. Refund card balance based on customer request

- Applied for Identified customers

- Min refund balance: 10.000 VND

- Customers can request refund directly to designated account before blocking /terminate their cards by either of the following ways:

Via Samsung Pay app after processing successfully verification steps

Request at Shinhan Branches/TOs

* Refund balance will be credited into account and not by cash under any circumstances

Services and services limits

ServiceUnidentified cardIdentified card


Max 5,000,000 VND at all time

Max 500,000,000 VND at all time


Min: 10.000 VND/times

Max: 5,000,000 VND/times

Max: 10 times/month

Min: 10.000 VND/times

Max: 500.000.000 VND/day


Not allowed

Max: 100,000,000VND/times/day  

(internal Shinhan transfer)

Max: 50,000,000 VND/times,  

         100,000,000 VND/day

(other bank card/account transfer)


Max: 5,000,000 VND /times

Max: 50,000,000 VND /times

Request for card issuance

- Customer log in to Samsung Pay app, choose “Request for Samsung Pay card” and input necessary information for card issuance

- Card issued on Samsung Pay app is unidentified virtual prepaid card.

- To request for identified card, customer needs to come branches/TOs and provide

Valid ID/Passport for branch staff

Filling in KYC form for Samsung Pay Cardholder

Registered mobile phone number when requesting for card issuing and/or issued unidentified card number

Other notice

1. General notice:

- Customers lost card or want to transfer card information to new Samsung device, please install Samsung Pay on new device and thenrequest for re-issuing card and process verification steps with PIN number and SMS OTP.

- When customer want to suspend/terminate or reset PIN/change PIN, please contact Shinhan Contact Center at 1900 1577 or at Shinhan Branches/TOs.

2. Terms and conditions:

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