General Introduction

Life is always inherent with uncertainties. If unfortunately, the family loses the breadwinner, who will shoulder the burden of repaying the bank loan? If you have VBI Credit Life Insurance, VBI will repay the bank loan for you and your family in the event of unfortunate incident.

Coverage subjects

Customers borrow money from Shinhan Bank and:

From 18 to 65 of ages

No more than 66 of ages by the end of the insurance policy

Note: VBI will not grant insurance for the following subjects:

  • Suffering from mental, neurological illness, leprosy
  • Permanent disability of 50% or more

Coverage events

Main benefits:

  • Coverage up to VND 1 billion for event of death or total permanent disability caused by accident.
  • Maximum coverage of VND 500 million for event of death or total permanent disability caused by illness and diseases (not cover special diseases and existing diseases)

Additional benefits:

  • Partial permanent disability caused by accident.
  • Allowances for income reduction during the injury treatment for maximum VND 5 million/ accident and maximum VND 50 million/ year.
  • Preferential insurance benefits, up to VND 100 million.


Key features

Customers are comprehensively protected against all risks

Issuing electronic insurance certificate quickly within 03 minutes.

Conveniently look up Insurance Certificates via My VBI application.

Fast and accurate claim processing within 15 working days.

Customer care call center on 24/7 basic at 1900 1566