General Introduction

Health is the most valuable asset of every person. Therefore, healthcare for yourself and your family are always top priorities. With Bao Viet An Gia health insurance, you and your family do not have to worry about medical expenses and can enjoy life safely.

The Insured

Vietnamese citizens or foreigners

From 1 day to 70 years old (for new policy) and unlimited for renewed policy

Living in Vietnam for at least 06 months in a year of the contract


Geographic scope: Vietnam

Insurance benefits: inpatient, outpatient treatment for illness/ accident/ maternity complications, personal accident insurance, life insurance, dental, maternity, etc.

Key features

No medical check-up is required before registering and up to 15% premium reduction (applicable for the following year, based on the previous year's compensation history)

Using the services at modern hospitals in the country and some Asian countries with the hospital guarantee service on 24/7 basic at more than 140 hospitals. Customers do not take time to collect claims and do not have to pay hospital fees.

Fast and accurate compensation service within 15 working days