Service Scope

  • Domestic Inward Remittance
  • Domestic Outward Remittance
  • IBT service
  • Bill payment (electricity, water, telephones, mobile phones, cable television etc.)
  • E-Tax/ Customs tax


Internal transfer/ domestic transfer with high speed, accuracy and safety.

With IBT service, the beneficiary receive fund right after the transaction being sent successful.

Transfer by cash or accounts

Competitive remittance fee, especially free of charge for inward remittance

Simple procedures.

High secured customer’s information.

Unlimited transferred amount

Diversified payment channels: Counter, ATM/ Internet Banking (computers or mobile phones)

Quickly checking transaction status through means of communications: mobile messages, S-mail or internet.

24/24 service via hotline number: 1800 1560 and email always reply to customer’s queries at the quickest time

Required documents

Outward Remittance

Application form for remittance (download here)

Passbook and secret number (PIN code) in case of “Passbook issued Account”; or ID/ Passport and secret number (PIN code) in case of “Passbook un-issued Account”.

Papers(s)/ Evidence proving "permitted" purposes of remittance related to buying valuable assets, capital investment/ contribution in VND or transferring in foreign currency as applicable regulation (if any)

Inward Remittance: Customers must provide following information to the applicant

Beneficiary bank: Shinhan Bank Vietnam (Branches or Head office)

Beneficiary’s information: 

  • Beneficiary bank: Shinhan Bank Vietnam, Citad code: 79616001 or 01616002
  • Account name (name on ID card, passport),
  • Account number/ credit card number/ Debit card number/ ATM card number