In order for employees and customers to take preventive measures and promptly detect dangerous symptoms of Corona virus, Shinhan Bank would like to announce the following notes:

Prevention of infection

Wash your hands thoroughly under palms and nailsCover your mouth with the sleeves or the tissues when coughing
Wear the masks and immediately come to the nearest local health centers or medical institutions when having symptoms of respiratory, cough and high fever.Declare details about oversea travel schedules for medical staffs

Be careful when travelling to China

Avoid approaching to animals (including poultries)Follow the rules of personal hygiene: Wearing medical masks, covering your mouth when coughing and washing your hands thoroughly with antibacterial solutions after coughing or when visiting medical centers
Avoid interacting with people who have respiratory symptoms such as cough, high fever, difficulty breathing...Advoid going to the markets or medical center
Submit the declaration of health status upon entry after travelling to ChinaImmediately go to the nearest health centers when having the respiratory symptoms, cough, high fever within 14 days after returning

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap, for at least 30 seconds

Step 1Wash your palms thoroughlyStep 2: Wash the back of your hands thoroughly
Step 3: Clean well between fingersStep 4: Pinch your hands and clean well
Step 5: Wash your thumb thoroughlyStep 6: Clean thoroughly inside the nails

Follow the polite principles when coughing

Cover your mouth with your sleeve when coughing

Must have a tissue or ahandkerchief when coughing

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after coughing

All staffs will wear medical masks when implementing transactions with customers. Please kindly wear private masks to prevent yourself from Corona virus. Thank you for your cooperation!