On 6th March, 2019, Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) held the inauguration ceremony for the new office of Korean Study Faculty, which was financed by Shinhan Bank. The ceremony attendants included Mr. Shin Dong Min – CEO of Shinhan Bank in Vietnam, Ms. Ngo Thi Phuong Lan - Rector of USSH, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai - Head of Korean Study Faculty, and other delegates from Shinhan Bank and USSH.


Korean Study Faculty, an associate of the USSH, is the language training and Korean study faculty with the longest history and largest scale in Southeast Asia in general and Vietnam in particular. Annually, this faculty provides over 100 widely recognized and qualified bachelors. Acknowledging the role and contribution of the faculty in training Korean-speaking human resource, representatives of Shinhan Bank had visited to survey the working and studying environment of students and teachers here. The decision to sponsor for office renovation of this faculty was made after this visit.

The project funded by Shinhan Bank was constructed from July 2018 to February 2019. After six months of construction and completion, the office has a new look with modern furniture, comfortable ambient and spacious facility, creating more favorable conditions for research and study of both students and lecturers.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai - Head of Korean Study Faculty, HCM University of Social Sciences and Humanities said in the ceremony: “Our faculty office had a limited space before. Now, thanks to the support from Shinhan Bank, students of Korean Study have a wider facility for their research and study. Our lecturers also enjoy more comfortable ambient for professional discussion and improvement”. Took this chance, she expressed her gratitude to Shinhan Bank not only for its contributions to the university, but also for its other community activities in Vietnam. She said: “Besides diverse contribution to economic development in Vietnam, Korean enterprises in general and typically, Shinhan Bank have created a lot of positive improvements for the society. They have created a professional working environment and given students more opportunities for practice and overcome challenges.”

Mr. Shin Dong Min - CEO of Shinhan Bank in Vietnam, also shared: “This cooperation with the Korean Study Faculty of USSH this time demonstrates the friendship between Vietnam and Korea. National. At this ceremony, on behalf of all staff of Shinhan Bank Vietnam, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the university, especially Ms. Ngo Thi Phuong Lan - Rector of University of Social Sciences and Humanities for giving us the opportunity to make contribution to the education of USSH in particular and Vietnam in general. I hope that, in the near future, Shinhan Bank and USSH will have more meaningful projects that bring more values to community.”

With practical contributions to social activities, especially in educational development, Shinhan Bank once again affirmed the commitment to sustainable development in Vietnam.