Dear Valued Customers,

First of all, Shinhan Bank Vietnam Limited (“Shinhan Bank”) would like to send our sincere thanks to Customers for trusting during the past time.

To ensure safety, security and compliances with State Bank’s regulations in bank account, payment card and E-wallet’s using activities, Shinhan Bank would like to update information about prohibited behaviors in payment activities at Shinhan Bank, in which:

  1. Using fake identification documents, providing fake information to open accounts, issue cards, register internet banking services and use to commit crimes;
  2. Buying, selling, renting, leasing, opening cards and/or accounts on behalf of for purposes that violate the Laws;
  3. Opening or maintaining an anonymous or impersonated payment account;
  4. Using accounts/cards to conduct illegal transactions such as: gambling, betting, scamming, defrauding, foreign exchange trading on websites, money laundering, terrorist financing and other activities that violate the Laws;
  5. Performing, planning or facilitating defraud or counterfeit transactions; Fake payment transactions at points of sales (not involving the purchase or sale of goods or provision of services);
  6. Issuing, using, transferring and circulating fake cards
  7. Stealing, colluding to steal card information; Disclosing and providing information of card, cardholder and card transactions that are not in accordance with the Laws;
  8. Infiltrating or attempting to illegally intrude/destroy programs or databases used in payment of the computer system for personal gain.

All violations will be reported to competent state authorities and can incur penalties according to the Laws’ regulations.

For further assistance or support, do not hesitate to reach our Contact Center at 1900 1577 or visit our nearest Branches/Transaction offices.

Shinhan Bank Vietnam Ltd.