To use credit services and products of Shinhan Bank, please notice these steps:

1. Contact with Shinhan Bank through either of the followings (*):

     - Your nearest Shinhan Bank Branch

     - Send your credit requests online at www.shinhan.com.vn 

     - Call Contact Center at 1900 1577 for detailed instructions

2. Prepare all necessary documents as directed. (Sample documents for references: click here)

3. Shinhan Bank will have credit appraisal and inform the result to you, based on your submitted documents.

4. Disburse in accordance with the procedures of Shinhan Bank, if your credit request meets the requirements.

 (*) Posing as Shinhan Bank employees is a violation of law. Please be careful when providing your information to unverified individuals or entities trying to approach  you.

For questions or assistance, please visit your nearest Shinhan Bank Branch or call 1900 1577.