Dear our valued customers,

Thank you for your trusting and using banking services of Shinhan Bank Vietnam (“The Bank”) during the last time.

To meet your demand for Express Domestic Transfer transactions, we are pleased to announce that from 01/06/2021, the service name will be changed from “Express Domestic Transfer” to “FastFund NAPAS 247”. The new transfer limit is up to VND 499,999,999 per transaction (currently VND 300,000,000 per transaction) and will apply to all security device types (M-OTP, OTP token, A -OTP token).

The newly imposed fee will be::

Transfer AmountFee amount per transaction (VAT included)
Under VND 500,000VND 2,200
From VND 500,001 to VND 2,000,000VND 5,500
From VND 2,000,001 to VND 300,000,000VND 11,000
From VND 300,000,001 to VND 499,999,999VND 16,500

For more information, please contact our Contact Center at 1900 1577 or +84 28 3868830 (for overseas customers) or see more at Personal Tariff and Corporate Tariff.

Yours sincerely,

Shinhan Bank Vietnam Ltd