We would like to send congratulation to 600 customers who have the earliest consumer loan disbursements during the period from 17th February 2020 to 30th April 2020 and get the attractive gifts from Shinhan Bank.

For the list of winners, please visit here.

  1. Prize structure
  • High quality umbrella: 200 pieces
  • Wheeled travel bag: 200 pieces
  • Premium suitcase in 20 inch size: 200 pieces
  1. Eligible winners
  • In case if customers meet the required disbursement on the same date and the number of qualified customers is more than the number of prizes, prizes will be given to qualifier with higher disbursed amount in that month
  • Each customer only receives 01 prize during the promotion period
  • Eligible customers can be disqualified from the promotion in the event that their loan account status becomes delinquent, overdue or paid off during the prize awarding period
  1. Time and location to receive prizes

Please visit the branches/transaction offices of Shinhan Bank where manage your loan to receive the prizes no later than 29th May 2020. After this date, Shinhan Bank will not entertain any exceptional request.

  1. Other Terms and Conditions

For more information of terms and condition, please click here.