Shinhan Bank Vietnam ("Bank") would like to express our sincere thank you for your support and using our Shinhan Samsung Pay Card. To improve and bring up new products with higher quality for our customers, our Bank would like to announce of termination to all services for Shinhan Samsung Pay Card from 05 August 2020.

For customers having non-KYC Shinhan Samsung Pay card and having balance, please note to use up all balance before 05 August 2020. After this date, the available balance on your card will be invalid.

For customers having KYC Shinhan Samsung Pay card, if you have available balance after 05 August 2020, please visit any Bank's branches/TOs to transfer this amount to your accounts.


  1. Please bring along your ID Card/Passport to request of transferring your balance from your KYC cards to your accounts.
  2. The processing of balance on non-KYC cards and/or transfer balance from KYC cards to accounts will be made in accordance with Terms and Conditions of Shinhan Samsung Pay Card
  3. Non-KYC cards are allowed to be changed to KYC cards until 05 August 2020

Please contact 1900 1577 for further support

Best regards,

Shinhan Bank Vietnam Ltd.