Enjoy Unlimited CASHBACK and weekend DINING rewards.

Shinhan Gold Cash Back Credit Card benefits you UNLIMITED CASHBACK and HIGH LIMIT for convenient purchases all year round. The more spending, the more saving!

Cash Back Reward

Welcome cashback: equivalent to annual fee.

Don’t miss your extra bonus! Primary cardholder of Shinhan Gold Cash Back Credit Card is entitled to VND 550,000 welcome cashback as soon as the first transaction is made within 60 days since the 1st date of card issuance registration.

Base Reward: UNLIMITED 0.3% cashback on every spend.

  • Basic Reward is applied to all transactions.
  • No limit for maximum Cash Back.
  • No minimum spending required.
  • Eligible transaction is purchase transaction made by Shinhan Cash-back Gold credit card. Not apply Cash-back for transactions eligible for Special Reward, Installment 0% interest, Flexicash, Bill Payment, cash advance, fees and interest, delinquent transactions.
  • Special Reward: ADDITIONAL 5% cashback on Food & Beverage (F&B) spending at weekends.

  • Special Reward only applies if total spending within the statement cycle reaches VND 10 million.
  • Maximum cashback is VND 200,000 per statement cycle.
  • If spending of the statement cycle is lower than VND 10 million, Base Reward will be applied for these transactions.
  • F&B category is defined based on Merchant Category Code (MCC) by Visa regulations.
  • Eligible transactions NOT include cash advance, installment/FlexiCash(s) and other fees howsoever called, including but not limited to annual fee, transaction processing fee, cash advance/withdrawal fee, card payment, interest, debit adjustment, late payment fee.
  • Weekends include Saturday and Sunday.
  • For Terms and Conditions of Cash Back Program for Cash Back Credit Cards, please click here
  • Benefits

    Shinhan Zone up to 50% discount

    Indulge yourself in a variety of exclusive discounts up to 50% at more than 200 Shinhan Zone merchants.

    Shinhan Installment Plan

    Optimize your budget plan with Shinhan Installment by making smaller payments for up to 12 months. With any transaction from VND 3,000,000, you can easily convert to installment repayment with preferential interest or 0% interest at more than 50 Shinhan’s affiliate merchants.

    Bill payment service via Shinhan Visa Credit card

    Now, it is so easy to make payment for your various monthly service bills with Shinhan Credit card bill payment service. This service is applied for all Shinhan Visa Consumer/ Corporate Credit card.


    Special offers for Shinhan Visa card

    Enjoy exclusive privileges for Shinhan Visa cardholders.


    Secured card

    Un-secured card

    1. Individual from 18 years of age; and
    2. Having saving/ term account with term from 3 months and balance from VND 33,400,000 (or other equivalent currency) at Shinhan Bank.

    Individual from 20-65 years old (especially for cardholder who is salary earner: from 20 years old to retirement age), residing or works in city/province where Shinhan’s branches are locating and joint boundary provinces.

    1. FOR SALARY EARNER: at least 3 months working at current employer.

    • Vietnamese: Minimum net income VND 12,000,000 per month
    • Foreigners: Minimum net income VND 33,000,000 per month (Korean: VND 20,000,000)

    2. FOR SELF-EMPLOYED/ BUSINESS OWNER: at least 2 years in the current business or similar industry/ business.

    Shinhan Bank shall consider, evaluate other criteria including but not limited to occupations, professional positions, income, credit status and property. Please contact your Shinhan Bank nearest branch or call 1900-1577 or register here for further support.

    Required Documents


    Card Application


    Applicant’s identity proof and residence confirmation


    Applicant’s income proof 

    Income earner’s income evidence documents

    • Labour contract or any other replacement documents accepted by SHBVN
    • An original copy of bank account Statement (including income receipts of recent 3 months)

    Self-employed and business owner’s income evidence documents

    • Business certificate or any other legal replacement documents