General Introduction

Are you sure that you are fully in control of your life and are able to handle all unexpected situations?
If your house happen to be damaged by a fire or other unfortunate accidents, how will your life and your family affected? VBI is ready to protect your home and give you peace of mind.

Coverage subject

House structure and assets inside the structure

Coverage events

We cover house structure and assets inside the houses against the following unexpected risks:

Fire, lightning, explosions, thunderstorms, floods, etc.

Bursting or overflowing domestic water tanks or pipes

Damages to the house caused by collision with road-vehicle or cattle

Theft and robbery (for assets inside the house)

In addition, you are also covered other costs incurred in connection with the damages to the house:

Site clearance costs

Alternative accommodation after the house damage

Key features

Issuing insurance E-certificate quickly within 03 minutes

Conveniently look up Insurance Certificates via My VBI application.

Fast and accurate claim processing within 15 working days.

Preferential premium for customers via Shinhan Bank

Customer care call center on 24/7 basic at 1900 1566