General Introduction

The risk of traffic accidents might happen at any time and can adversely affect your life quality and financial planning. VBI's automobile insurance will help you to mitigate these risks with comprehensive insurance benefits and fast compensation process with MyVBI – an online appraisal and compensation mobile application.

Coverage subject

Motor vehicles and motorized four-wheeler vehicles transporting people

Coverage events

1. Auto physical damage insurance

Comprehensive protection and compensation for vehicle physical damage, including:

  • Unexpected accidents, collision, and overturn
  • Fire, burning, explosion
  • Natural disasters such as flood, landslide, thunderbolt, earthquake, hail, tsunami
  • Stolen or damage the whole vehicle

2. Compulsory civil liability insurance of motor vehicle owners

  • Damage caused by motor vehicles to the body, life, and property of a third party.
  • Damage caused by motor vehicles to the body and life of passengers based on passenger transport contracts (for passenger transport vehicles).

3. Accident insurance for drivers, driver assistant, and passengers

Compensation for physical damage to the driver and those carried in the vehicle while the vehicle is in transportation.

4. Insurance for vehicle owners' civil liability for goods transported on vehicles

The amount that the vehicle owner must compensate for the direct damage to the goods transported on the vehicle in the event of loss or damage caused by the vehicle owner.


Key features

Notice of compensation through MyVBI application or 1900 1566 Call Center

Claim is processed within 5 working days at maximum of VBI’s full receipt of original documents

Customers use MyVBI application to make compensation claims, take photos of the damages, and VBI's inspection team will respond within 15 minutes.

Center for compensation assessment is available in three regions nationwide, from North, Central, and South with a team of claim appraiser in 63 provinces