General Introduction

Nobody wants troubles to their "transport companion". However, accidents and unexpected incidents like fire or explosion and other unexpected events might happen to your vehicles at any time. Now you can protect your vehicle with affordable premium rates and excellent service offered by PTI. With 800 member garages nationwide, PTI is always available when you need it and be with you on every journey you take.

Covered subjects

Types of road motor vehicles, including specialized motorbikes and motorized four-wheeler vehicles for transporting people

Coverage events

Crashing, collision, overturn, sinking, falling the whole vehicles, impacts of other foreign objects on motor vehicles

Fire, burning, and explosion

Force majeure risks due to natural disasters, including storm, tsunami, whirlwind, hail, flood, storm surge, earthquake, landslide, and thunderbolt.

Key features

PAN rescue with the widest range

Disaster warning message and notification of compensation

Commitment to being at the site within 30 minutes in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City following the event or no later than 60 minutes in other provinces and cities

The Appraiser is assigned right after customers contact the Call Center at 1900545475