General Introduction

A house is not only a high value property but also your home. PTI is always by your side to protect your family against risks such as fire, natural disasters, robbery, etc.

Covered subjects

The house and assets inside the insured house are listed in the Certificate of Insurance or in the attached Insured  Property List,  including:

Houses, including apartments, villas, townhouses, private houses at all levels are used as houses and/ or offices. The house is no more than 30 years old from its construction completion..

Inside assets include furniture, household appliances, and other property placed inside the House.

Coverage events

Fire, thunderbolt, and explosion

Falling aircraft or other aerial device or any article dropped therefrom

Earthquake or volcanic eruption

Thunderstorm, storm, flood

Bursting or overflowing from domestic water tanks or pipes

Crush by vehicles or animals

Theft with signs of forcible and violent breaking into or out of a building or any attempt to do so

Key features

Customer support call center on 24/7 basic at 1900 5454 75

Flexible options for in-house asset insurance or public liability insurance

Supporting costs for fire brigade, renting house, cleaning the site, etc.