General Introduction

With "Happy Life" health insurance at PTI, you and your family will be protected from uncertainties in life by comprehensive health care benefits.

Covered subjects

Being a Vietnamese citizen or a foreigner living and working in Vietnam, from 03 to 65 years old

Not suffering from mental illness or leprosy

Disability rate below 50%

Not suffering from epilepsy

Not suffering from cancer (not applicable to continuous PTI participation)

Children under 5 years old (when joining with a parent)

Coverage events

Death or total permanent disability due to an accident

Expenses for medical treatment of injuries caused by accidents

Hospitalization and surgery costs for illness and diseases

In addition, there are following additional benefits for your optional participation:

Outpatient treatment for illness and diseases

Dental care

Maternity and childbirth care

Death or permanent disability caused by illness and diseases

Income support (not applicable for children under 18 years old)

Key features

Customer support call center on 24/7 basic at 1900 5454 75

Multiple insurance plans with diverse and practical insurance benefits

Hospitalization fee guarantee at premium hospitals and clinics, responding to all medical needs of customers