General Introduction

A car is a valuable physical asset and also a family companion on every trip. However, unexpected risks such as collision, accident, theft or flood can occur at any time, causing damage as well as adverse effect on your own life and other people. With Car Insurance, these losses will be promptly and comprehensively remedied so that you can steadily drive on your way.

The Insured

Car owner


Geographical scope: Vietnam

Insurance benefits: Civil liability, Vehicle material, Driving accident, and passenger

Key features

Consulting and accident resolution services on 24/7 basis

Supporting towing costs (unlimited geographic scope), including technical errors not caused by accidents; compensation for damage to a third person even if there is no error made by the driver

Guarantee for repair at large, reputable and quality garages nationwide; Commitment to providing compensation fast, conveniently and transparently within 30 days from the date of the accident

Having network nationwide with more than 75 member companies and more than 300 insurance offices at district level