Online shopping to get attractive cashback offer


1. Applicable period: 

From 05th May 2020 to 05th July 2020.


2. Eligible customers:

Individual customers holding Shinhan ATM cards.


3. Promotion details:

Offering 10% cashback with maximum amount of VND 100,000 for the first 2,000 customers when making payment for the bill from VND 200,000 by Shinhan domestic ATM cards on E-commerce websites linked with Napas.


4. Terms and Conditions

  • Applicable to the first 2,000 customers, including:

    • 1,000 first customers in the first period from 05th May 2020 to 04th June 2020
    • 1,000 first customers in the second period from 05th June 2020 to July 05th 2020
    • Each customer is eligible to get cashback once during the period of this program.

  • The amount will be cashed back to customers within 07 working days, after the end of each promotion period

  • The result will be announced on the website and through SMS message sent to mobile phone of customers

  • Online shopping is defined as online purchases of services and products on e-commerce websites linked with Napas, excluding Top-up transactions

    For supporting to register safe transactions, please visit here.

(*) List of merchants' website linked with Napas, please visit here.