Promotion details:

When making deposits at Shinhan Bank –Go Vap Branch, customers will receive attractive gifts:

1. Time deposit with term of at least 06 months: 

VND 10.000.000 Raincoat
VND 30.000.000 Lock&Lock lunch box
VND 50.000.000 Umbrella or bags
VND 70.000.000 Songwol cotton towels or Minh Long bowls and plates
VND 100.000.000 Helmet
VND 200.000.000 Reverse folding umbrella

2. Installment deposit with term of at least 06 months

VND 300.000 SOL keyring or notes
VND 1.000.000 Raincoat

Promotion period:

From now to June 30th 2021

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is exclusively applied at Shinhan Bank – Go Vap Branch, for individual customers making transactions at counters.
  • This promotion is applied to both existing and new individual customers who make deposits and register for SOL Mobile Banking at Shinhan Bank – Go Vap Branch.
  • Each individual customer is eligible to receive one gift equivalent to amount of deposit during the program duration. If customers have multiple deposits, gifts will be the one equivalent for the highest amount of deposit.
  • Due to limited number of gifts, the promotion may end earlier or gifts can be changed.
  • Customers are not allowed to withdraw deposit before maturity date during the promotion period.