Shinhan Bank has partnered with Nam Long Group to offer home loan for Akari City apartments with preferential interest rate. Customers might actively apply one of interest rate options as following:

Option 1

6.2% PA

First year fixed rate

Option 2

7.5% PA

2 years fixed rate

Option 3

7.6% PA

3 years fixed rate

Option 4

7.7% PA

4 years fixed rate

Option 5

7.8% PA

5 years fixed rate

In particular, customers will receive additional interest reduction up to 0.2%/pa when using other existing Shinhan Bank's products.

Please contact your nearest Shinhan Bank’s branch/transaction office for further information. Terms and Conditions.

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About Akari City:

 Akari City – The City of Light is a project with 5,000 apartments located on the frontage of Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City. Akari City, a cozy and flexible built-base with sophistication and efficiency in Japanese style, is expected to become the most modern urban complex in the West of Saigon.


Incentive interest rate with flexible loan options

Get mortgage loan up to 70% of apartment value

Loan term up to 25 years

Dedicated customer services and support

Application documents

Valid ID Card/Passport

Family register book/residence book/residence certificate (KT3) and temporary residence documents

Property ownership documents or relevant valid documents (if any)

Customer service

For more details of loan packages, please contact Call Center at 1900 1577