Top up/buy card code of all network carriers with the discount at 3%-5%.

Transfer money directly to a phone number.

Pay for almost utility bills, such as electricity, water, cable TV, Internet charges

Pay quickly for personal loans at financial institutions quickly.

Buy movies ticket, airline ticket, flowers, and voucher

Make payment for dining spending with QR Code.

Make online payments at some e-commerce websites.

Introduction of Consumer loan via MoMo app service

Favor of 1% IR per annual (*) when using "Introduction of Consumer loan via MoMo app service" service

*Until 31 Dec 2018

Supported Phone

Smartphones using Android or IOS

How To Use

In order to use MOMO E-wallet service, customers need to install MOMO app, then register mapping information and cash in money into your wallets from bank account/credit card/ or cash deposit at MOMO offline stores.

How to install

Find the app on Play Store or App Store with keyword “Momo”, download and install.

How to register

  1. Input Mobile Phone No
  2. Confirm Mobile Phone No
  3. Input verification code via SMS
  4. Create password & confirm password

How to register mapping information with bank account

Customers can register mapping information from bank account on Internet Banking/Mobile Banking of Shinhan Bank or Momo app. Customers who use ANZ accounts also can register mapping normally from Internet Banking/Mobile Banking of Shinhanh Bank

How to cash in money into your e-wallet

Customers can cash in money into wallet from bank account on Internet Banking/Mobile Banking of Shinhan Bank or Momo app.
For more details, please see here.

How to cash out money

Customer can cash out money from Momo app to registered bank account or get cash at over 4,000 Momo transaction points nationwide.

*The using of Momo e-wallet is according to terms and conditions of M-Service


If you have any questions, please contact with:

Momo:            1900 5454 41       Website:
Shinhan Bank:  1900 1577      Website: