This type of account allows your company to accumulate the small amount from your company idle money each month to obtain your targeted saving amount in the future.

Available currency: VND, USD

Term: from 6 months – 36 months

Minimum account balance: VND 100,000 or USD10

Interest repayment: Interest is paid once on the maturity of the Installment account

Deposit methods: funds transfer/ automatically debit from your Demand Deposit account

Scope of services: Easy to check account balance and conduct settlement by Internet Banking or Call Center


Free of charge for opening account and whenever you open it

Attractive and competitive interest rate

Flexible term

Based on your own demand, you can choose the appropriate term

Time-saving as you don’t need to come to the Bank for depositing money each month

Required Document

Application form for Opening Account

Investment License/Business License

Tax Code Certificate

Seal & Seal Certificate

Legal document of account holder or authorized person (with passport)